About Us

Our business is also able to offer in home appliance service, appliance installation, and appliance repair in your home, for your ease of convenience. Here at Virgils Preowned Appliances, we are always guaranteed to put your needs at the top of our list. The staff at Virgils Preowned Appliances will do everything that we can to help you to find the very best pre owned appliances at our appliance store, and to help you with installation, appliance repair, and in home appliance service as needed.

So if you have been looking for an appliance store that is local to your area that can offer to you the very best and cheapest pre owned appliances such as affordable refrigerators and washer dryers for your home, make sure to come to Virgils Preowned Appliances here in Georgia! You are sure to love what we have on offer — so stop by and check out the best appliances in Georgia today!